Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do Lo Res Sofa by Ron Arad

Ron Arad's unconventional design approach always creates a challenge in the way materials are used in both the design and production stages.

His new Do Lo Res mixes and merges the worlds of the arts, design and technology. Do Lo Res is a very up-to-the-minute sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube- or rectangular-shaped units of various heights. The units are arranged in rows to form the shape of the sofa, and fixed to a platform by steel pins.

The units all have a 21x21cm footprint while varying in height from 27.5cm to 83cm. They are made of different-density polyurethane foam; a stiffer foam is used at the bottom of each unit in order to grip the steel pin, while softer foam at the top ensures optimum comfort. Do Lo Res units may be rearranged to form a wide variety of shapes and compositions.

This seemingly simple product is actually extremely complex in construction, structure and production terms. Ron Arad proposes a contemporary look at design to bring the virtual world into the real world.

Via : Ron Arad

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