Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unique Seating + Fireplace by Jan Brauer

This unique seating design furniture can be the best choice to have in your home. Greed For Quiet is a fire pit and furniture all in one. The fire pit sits in a self enclosed unit surrounded by wood planks supporting 5 chairs. The design looks as if you’re floating. Each of the “chair blades” can rotate around the fire pit to customize your conversational grouping.

I wonder is there any limitation for the supporting weight of this chair that can afford or the weight distribution concept to make this chair can keep rotating even if there was too much weight on one side. But overall of this design is excellent.

Designer: Jan Brauer.

Remains Benches by Elyse Marks

The Remains Benches , designed by Elyse Marks, are covered in skeletal animals and bare trees comes in antithetical variates. The benches feature an Avant-garde motif of animals and trees. Unlike the elegant and graceful pattern’s we’re used to seeing in designer furniture, the Remains collection boasts a rather disturbing pattern of dead, skeletal animals, hanging off of even dead-er trees…

When one thinks of furniture design, he or she most likely thinks of something beautiful. This beauty has been taken to the extreme, furniture had been taken over by cute little birds and floral patterns. But does the imagery on the table have to be necessarily beautiful? What if the finely crafted piece of furniture told a more disturbing, thought provoking story?

What covers this table? Dead, skeletal animals on a dead tree with a noose thrown in for good measure. Is it a rejection of the trends in decoration? A statement about the environment? The user may imagine the story on the table to be anything he wants.

Designer: Elyse Marks

The Toeloop Chair by Mario Stadelmann

Toeloop Chair

This modern wavy molded / bent polymer joined Toeloop Chair is created by a young Swiss designer Mario Stadelmann, the chair is made from two pieces of bent polymer joined at both ends to create a seamless loop. from the image that shown, this chair is available in two black and white colors. This modern chair design might best suite with your moden minimalist room area.

Toeloop Chair2

The chairs plastic top - which acts as a seat, arm rest and back, all in one - carries a flowing curvilinear form, giving it an element of Art Nouveau. The chair’s legs - which come in three breeds - can be categorized more towards the Art Deco movement, as they display a very homogenous and simplistic use of steel and metal.

Toeloop Chair3

Toeloop Chair4

Designer: Mario Stadelmann

The Cut Armchair by Filippo Ghezzani

This Cut Arm Chair is composed of four proportionately sized and spaced partitions, designed by Filippo Ghezzani and manufactured by The Home Key. See the nice and chic colors selection of this nice cut armchair that may suite with your taste. “The name “Cut Armchair” is suggestive of the manifest intent of the designer: it is, literally and conceptually, vertically cut into autonomous parts that acquire a real sense only when related to its baseline.

From the geometric composition of its elements to the colors employed, the armchair fully reflects the philosophy of the H Line. Available in all fabrics and leathers of the Home Key.”

Get this cut arm chair here