Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love Seat by Paul McClelland

Looking for stylish wooden chair that can be fit for two people in a comfortable way ? This Love Seat inspiration from american designer, Paul McClelland will gives you the answer. This love seat is made from hot rolled steel round bar. It’s been hand forged and welded. The fittings are machined steel and stainless steel with rubber bushings. It’s one of those items that really should be used in order to understand how it feels.
The cold molded plywood seat and back change position as you move around the chair because of the rubber bushings. Two people fit on it easily and comfortably. The steel has a clear gloss lacquer finish and the plywood has clear satin lacquer finish.

Monster Chair by Jinyoung Choi

Want to have monster in your home, then you should check this out, Monster Chair, another creative seating design ideas from korean designer, Jinyoung Choi. Monster Chair underlines the exiistence of funiture itself and the person sitting on that by making two-dimensional seat to weighty mass. When you look at that front ways, you see the feature well.