Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Spring Chair from Modern Bamboo

The Spring Chair takes vintage design and eastern materials to create a vibrant new chair for the 21st century. The form harks back to the late 1920s when Marcel Breuer experimented with the fantastic new material, stainless steel. After the First World War stainless steel became widely available, and the strong metal allowed Breuer to create the Cesca cantilevered chair. The new bamboo Spring chair continues the same innovative spirit.

Bamboo is an amazingly durable and strong material, which also grows quickly making it an easily renewable resource. The bamboo’s inherent strength allows the Spring a super-thin curvaceous profile and ensures a light weight chair. The sensuous curves shine with dense grain, while the materials flexibility allows a gentle soothing rocking motion. An ergonomic design, the bamboo chair provides great comfort as well as modern classic style. Modern Bamboo offer the Spring chair in Ebony, Natural, and Cherry finishes for $785.

The modern Lobster chair and Shelley chair by Verikon Furniture

The modern Lobster chair, and the Shelley chair, by Verikon Furniture are designed for those who value originality above all else. Inimitable, imaginable designs inspired by the natural world around us; the Lobster chair and the Shelley chair have a wonderful organic feel. As refreshing to the spirit as a salty ocean breeze, these chairs showcase the best of Danish creativity, and have received an overwhelming response.

Carefully chosen materials mean that the ‘shell’ of the chairs is of walnut veneer. Nestling inside the protective shell you will find an interior of comfortable and durable Pantera foam. With the finishing touches of leather upholstery, and a chrome-plated steel swivel base, the focus is placed firmly upon one-of-a-kind design and outstanding quality. To take this modern classic into your home and into your heart, contact Verikon Furniture in mid-March for a list of selected retailers.

Fur Chair by Antonio Citterio - the J.J armchair

Fur Chair by Antonio Citterio
- the J.J armchair. Long shaggy fur supported by a thin wire frame, makes the J.J chair by Antonio Citterio a juxtaposition of texture and taste. The long Mongolian fur curls and spins to create a fluffy yet sophisticated armchair. Accented with a leather head cushion, the J.J. chair achieves and iconic style despite its simple form. The high backrest and soft upholstery are inviting and offer a glamorous comfort. Behind the lush upholstery the JJ chair is supported by a lattice of blue webbing that is revealed only from behind, giving the fur chair a sensual sense of dishabille. The Antonio Citterio chair brings a designer flair and ironic grace to any living space.

Get it here : B&B Italia

Placentero Chair by Batti

Designed by a young Argentinean designer Batti, the fiberglass Placentero lounge chair got its name from combination of two words linked to the pregnancy period, "placenta" and "pleasure". The pregnancy "pleasure" part is arguable but what do we know... The chair itself is pleasurably comfortable - "giving [you] the chance to make any movement and create whichever the position you like". It seems to be stable in any position, even when is upside-down.

Sponeck Fiber Cement Outdoor Chair from Eternit

Sponeck Fiber Cement Outdoor Chair

This Sponeck fiber cement chair, outdoor seating from Eternit, would be a wonderful addition to your backyard, as a splash of contemporary art, while proving seating functionality too. This ultra modern and chic chair comes in a deep gray, rustic red or lemon grass color, adding pizzazz to your outdoor living space. The low seats allow for a more intimate ambiance, but at the same time keeping the mood cool and comfortable.

Fiber cement makes these chairs durable, while providing long-lasting comfort. Ottomans are available to match, that can double as a side table. These chairs look stunning grouped together in a circle, straight line, or even standing alone. It’s easy to add the “x” factor to your backyard with these streamline chairs from Eternit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stackable Chairs / Mebel Furniture by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger

This Stackable Chair was a nice furniture design by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger for Mabel Furniture, this set of stackable chairs made of molded wood or plastic are an interesting solution for a small place. You can keep the chairs stacked when you are alone at home to have more space, and unstack then when you have visitors. The ergonomic shape and portability make it ideal for hotel and office lobbies.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gas and Electric Fireplaces for your Home

If you are willing to have a nice fireplace at your home, especially when you live in a cold place and its cool and damp outside,coz there is nothing more inviting than a cozy fire to provide you with warmth and a relaxing atmosphere, and nothing is more comfortable than sitting by the fireplace in a cold winter night. So you need to install the best one, the one's that suit with your home style, your budget, efficiency and the other great point whether you are choosing to use the electric ones or prefer gas style.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monte Bello Modular Mountain Range sofa

"The Monte Bello modular mountain range and sofa system is long and sturdy enough for the whole family, including the kids, the Labrador, the two neighborhood cats and a couple of guests to pile in comfortably. I said ‘comfortably’ not only because of the size but because the sofas system claims to have incorporated high quality cushioning, covering the wooden frame.

The origin of the Monte Bello can be traced back to the European Union design by Kohlmaier Wien, while the credit for its design, production and sale goes to the Walking-Chair design studio, Vienna. "

Yu Chair by Pascal Bardel

This Yu Chair is a great furniture products made by Pascal Bardel from his Hong Kong-based Sequoia Studios combine the best of both worlds: technology and art, industry and imagination, the geek and the formal visionary. With his recent “Yu Chair,” he expands his portfolio into larger toys while staying true to an aesthetic that synthesizes French artfulness and Hong Kong tech-saavy. An outdoor/indoor chair made of cast one piece white polyethylene, its cushion is simple rigid foam with a washable cotton cover (available in four colors).

The design is austere yet engaging, minimalist yet distinctive, a combination that befits the name: of Chinese origin, “Yu” refers to jade, but actually translates as “rain” and “the most beautiful stone.”

This orientation toward service and solution is a bit rare in our terrain, but it might be just what the doctor ordered, since “solution” might be a kind of generalized code for all manner of streamlining—in manufacturing, materials, and functionality. All this is a long way of saying that the products made by Bardel from his Hong Kong-based Sequoia Studios combine the best of both worlds: technology and art, industry and imagination, the geek and the formal visionary.

Inkuku Arn Chair by Ryan Frank

This cool Furniture is a great masterpiece of art by South African-born Ryan Frank (now working and living in London), Inkuku is made from recycled aluminum and recyclable plastic bags. The concept reinterprets a chicken ornament—hence its applicability in this week’s posts (metaphorical yes, but still apropos). The other reason it’s a good fit is that Mr. Frank admits to “creating products…that explore the underbelly of the furniture design industry.” Anyone who gets inspired by the underbelly of anything gets my vote of confidence.

Inkuku (Zulu for “chicken”) chair capitalizes on an aspect of contemporary urban culture to create a unique piece of furniture. Frank put a modern spin on a traditional African craft technique by choosing to use plastic shopping bags and recycled aluminum as the materials for his piece.

The result is a heavily textured, brightly colored chair that would probably offer plenty of cushion with so many layers of thin plastic and trapped pockets of air. Its also an interesting commentary on re-use and recycling - now perhaps we can put all those plastic shopping bags to better use!

Pop 40 By Alicita Rodriguez

This POP 40 Chair is a comfortable chair which is become a great example of IKER’s body-conscious proportions. Their Pop System embodies proper body alignment while using light materials and modern forms. At 31.5”W x 31.5”D x 29.5”H, the Pop 40 is comfortable and functional—and it swivels. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing quite like a swivel chair. It’s the perfect chair for people with small spaces and for those with great rooms; it’s also the perfect chair for indecisive people and for people with a penchant for rearranging furniture (my own mother suffered from this propensity, perhaps leading to my obsession with interiors).

The metal frame features a rotating base (the locus of the swivel) on four legs from which the chair itself seems to rise in a subtle undulation—it reminds me of a calla lily, but I may have seen too many Mapplethorpes. The top of Pop 40 rises to hug the head, therefore keeping the neck in good alignment. Since Pop 40 can be upholstered in leather, Alcantara, or premium fabrics, it can go from office to living room, satisfying everyone. Alcantara, by the way, is the original composite fabric invented by the Japanese scientist Miyoshi Okamoto in the 1970s (not to be confused with the regular ultrasuede).

Slink Chair by Rob Jones

Designer Rob Jones presents his Slink Chair made for American Leather. The design of the chair is no diverse with its meticulous tailored look, its relaxed ergonomics and staged stylish. With Slink, American Leather may not be trailblazing towards strange design territory, yet the chair does show a reliable creativity.

The Slink Chair measures 36” w X 40” d X 35” h and apart from leather can also be upholstered in ultra suede. Like all American Leather products, the Slink can also be customized according to the client’s desires. Hence be it lashings of bright pinks or the more placid monochromatic tones, the Slink can be conjured up in any color tone.

When it comes to chairs, functionality should always supersedes style. Fortunately these days, consumers don’t have to chose one over the other as a good chair is not only interminable, but also stresses on innovation, durability and aesthetics. The Slink Chair highlights the congruent interplay of creativity with an unyielding thought process.