Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hassle Free Knife Storage at

If you often have the experience where you find it difficult to find kitchen utensils such as cutlery and knives because you forget where you put after using them, then why don’t you deal with this time wasting situation by using a storage system. To avoid the frustration of wasting time looking for the kitchen equipment you need, you can use the knife storage system by KnifeDock.

In the beginning I doubted that it would work any more efficiently that my previous drawer. But then, I decided to try one and bought an in drawer knife block at To my surprise their products are surprisingly good. There are two products that offered by; the first one is the original model, and the second one is deluxe. The deluxe has bigger storage than the original one. If you opt for a deluxe it will cost you as much as $49. The price they offer is quite reasonable for the quality of the products.

The dividers in the knife dock are made of food – safe cork and also rubber composite making this in drawer knife block more flexible to fit. It is also much safer since the knives that you store will be positioned between cork – rubber sheets. The design of the knife dock is also very helpful. Its design is little different than the countertop blocks that we all have. I can see the part of knife blade clearly in this storage which makes it easier in finding the type of knife that you will need within a short time - What a great idea!

Supporting green environmental materials, knife docks are made of sustainable and recycled materials. The size of knife dock has been sized to fit a standard kitchen drawer. This way you will not be burdened for readjusting its size and position before you put it in your kitchen drawer. You can see products here for more details.