Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Timber Bench Twist by Christopher Pett

The Timber Bench Twist by Christopher Pett at Pli Design is for you. It’s a funky yet sophisticated design that emphasises the natural beauty of Ash wood. The Twist bench is made in England with traditional and new techniques of steam-bending the ash timber. Accommodating up to four people sitting down, the bench has a strength which belies the lightness of its appearance.

The sleek lines of the form are characterised by precision and an attention to detail that clearly delineates the bench as a work of art. Ideal for your home or garden, the Twist bench costs GBP £2,115 (US$ 3,674) including VAT tax and is available now from Pli Design.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cero Stool by Brian Steendÿk

This cero stool was designed by Australian designer Brian Steendÿk for Omvivo. The stools are made of fibreglass with a glossy gel-coated finish.

The Designer "Brian Steendÿk" says:

"The streamlined styling of Cero references our busy ‘jet age’ lifestyles and stylistically the cowling of a jet engine. The external form of the Cero is a distinct circular donut with its associated void, and is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally innovative. The unique nibble in the top of the chair has been ergonomically designed to encourage good posture by tilting the pelvis forward to help transfer the weight of the head and torso to the bones of the pelvis and hip."

Seating Designs from Damian Barton

Seating design collection from Australian designer, Damian Barton. damian barton prior to pursuing his degree in Industrial Design, he completed a four-year apprenticeship in Furniture Making. In the same year that he began studying Industrial Design at the College of Art, Design & Media in Perth, Australia, Damian Barton opened his design studio.

In 2003, Damian Barton relocated his studio to America where he continues to create innovative objects known for inspiring interaction through the fusing of function with welcoming forms.