Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Armillaria Stool and Table by Odoardo Fioravanti

Odoardo Fioravanti has presented his new collection of Armillaria Stool + Table for the Italian manufacturer PLUST Collection At Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan.

Description by Odoardo Fioravanti:
This project takes its cue from a research about industrial production and the mechanical reproduction of products. It comprises a family of products born out of a common root whose offshoots form the individual objects, each addressing a different function. In this way the pieces of the series share a single base from which they sprout. Armillaria is the scientific name of a common species of fungi: the iconic mushroom is found easily in the woods, rising rapidly from the ground with its colourful caps.
This project represents a reflection on vegetal shapes, their structure and their appearance. Fungi are complex lifeforms whose various parts are different in shape but work together to form a cohesive, beautiful whole. Each piece of the collection alludes to the notions of birth, and growth. This collection consists of a stool and a table. All the products are made by rotomoulding.

The Miao Stool Collection by Marco Cocco

This new collection of Miao Stool will enrich our seating design collection here ( barstool ). Designed by Marco Cocco for the Italian manufacturer Caimi Brevetti, this Miao Stool was exhibited at Salone del Mobile 2010 features round and minimalist lines, smooth aluminium and chrome-plated steel in a number of finishes and thicknesses, making it a beautiful and comfortable seat for home use and for public spaces such as receptions, lounges and bars, snack rooms, etc.
Miao is extremely stable thanks to its square chrome-plated steel base; the column height can be adjusted with the die-cast aluminium lever while a convenient footrest is built right in.