Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yin Yang Outdoor Furniture by Dedon

Yin Yang Outdoor Chair Furniture

Matching sculptural chairs, the Yin Yang Outdoor Furniture by Dedon uses a smooth woven surface to accent its sharp clean lines. A sweeping modern lounge chair, the complex curving form has an intriguing elegance. The twin chairs nest together, to create a single circular design. When combined the two lounge chairs face each other, offering personal space while still encouraging community and communication.

Yin Yang Outdoor Chair Furniture

Like a Yin Yang symbol, the plush circular cushions make the contrasting eye in each chair. Durable, quality furniture the Yin Yang Outdoor Signature collection uses family taught skills to create a new sturdy synthetic fibre that can survive wind and weather. A wonderful addition to the Dedon outdoor furniture range, the Yin Yang chair comes in a light platinum and a dark bronze for a sophisticated sculptural outdoor statement.

Spirit Song Teak Outdoor Furniture

The Spirit Song Lounge Chair and Ottoman are an artistic elaboration on anthropometric considerations that fuse modern styling with the longevity of teak to enhance your space and quality of living.

The forms of the chair and ottoman are sculpted using a series of parallel elements held together with stainless steel tensioned members and spacers. The sinuous lines of these pieces recall the rarefied designs of Christophe Pillet, and the parallel lamination of wooden elements harkens back to the Experimental Edges of Frank Gehry. In addition to subtle historic references, the Spirit Song designs by Robert Tiffany and Barbara Tiffany convey fresh new insight as evidenced by their receipt of the Design Excellence Award at the International Casual Furniture Exhibition—The world’s highest honor for wooden furniture design.

The heartwood of the teak tree contains oils and minerals that lend it longevity and beauty. In addition, strong dimensional stability lends this tropical hardwood the ideal characteristics for use in outdoor furniture simultaneously yielding items with a subdued beauty whilst exhibiting resistance to extreme climatic conditions.

The Spirit Song lounge chair, and matching chair ottoman fuse weather-resistant teak and stainless steel into eye-catching organic designs. Not only for the garden or deck, pieces from this award-winning Spirit Song line of furniture can be found at mountaintop retreats, tropical island resorts, national museums, corporate parks, university campuses, and a host of other public spaces.

The Paddy Chair by Nick Melville

Paddy Chair

The Paddy Chair is described by designer Nick Melville as “a comfy chair for nutters.” As you might have guessed, Melville’s inspiration for the piece is the classic padded cell. The enclosed shape is intended to promote a sense of safety and security for the user and offer a place where one can relax in peace and quiet.

It actually looks fairly comfortable, but you have to wonder whether the box shape would make it difficult to use. It might be better if a light were installed inside to make it easier to relax with a book.

Diva Chair collection from Colico Design

Like their namesakes, the gorgeous chairs in the new Diva Chair collection from Colico Design simply demand attention. You can’t help but notice their bold, bright, leggy forms! The Diva’s eye-catching, circular construction is truly groundbreaking, and comes with a variety of different leg options to complement the chair and suit your purpose. To capture your imagination, this chair does something different: the asymmetrical design with a strip cut out on one side intrigues and draws in the user. The precision of the chair collection will appeal to the growing international group of people who prioritise stunning, unique designs that are sure to become classics. Akin to a celebrity, this chair is instantly recognisable: the New Diva Chair collection from Colico Design.

Contemporary Chair from Evitavonni

There is something about the Evitavonni Blue Chair that is just so desirable. Its vibrant color makes a bold statement, making it an inevitable focal point for any room. The design, suitable for contemporary interiors, is truly iconic, the quilted effect with interspersed buttons playing with the norms of more traditional furniture.

The Blue Chair, however, turns those norms onto their head with its truly cutting edge style. With a comfortable matching footstool, the chair is like a piece of interactive art… what could be better than to invest in an item that can be used and appreciated – rather than a piece of static art than is only looked at? The Blue Chair from Evitavonni is sure to last a lifetime – it’s a distinctive practical luxury with which to grace your home. Love this contemporary chair? Have you seen the Philippe Starck Monseigneur collection?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Outdoor Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy

Outdoor Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy

This outdoor egg chair has been transformed by Peter Ghyczy into a fresher, more modern version of classic 1960’s seating. The Outdoor Egg chair has a streamlined design that is simultaneously retro and futuristic. However, its unique egg shape is more than aesthetic - it is the inherent characteristic that makes this chair such a clever design. When closed, the “shell” of this chair protects what is inside, rendering the seat completely waterproof, thus making it ideal for outdoor use.

This highly functional and versatile piece of furniture is also portable and lightweight, allowing the user to change its position on a whim. The shell of this egg chair is silver metallic lacquer, while the comfortable cushion is upholstered in a durable fabric available in a plethora of vibrant colors. To make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable - and more fun, you can buy this chair for £1375 or US$ 2,663 at DesignShop UK

Petal Chair by Damian Barton

Petal Chair

Designed by Damian Barton. This unique chair’s vision came from plucking the petals of a flower during an idealistic moment. The contour of the 2 remaining petals gave form to the chair and confirmed that even asymmetrically, nature is beautifully balanced!Ther is a wood version and a metal version.The metal aluminum version is perfect for indoor/outdoor use. It is cold formed by hand to achieve the unique shape.