Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hedronic Chairs by Berlin-based anOtherArchitect

Hedronic chair, that's what the designer call for this simple solid shape of mathematical object called a Polyhedron from the Berlin-based designer anOtherArchitect. The entire hedronic chair is produced from a single piece of folded stainless steel.
The white colour, together with the origami-like folding creates the impression of a light paper chair. In order to reduce the weight of the chair and also make it appear more transparent, a pattern of different holes was applied. Three new patterns based on parametric design principles were developed for the ArchMoscow exhibition. The chair is manufactured in Russia by Nayada.

Woofer Chair by Ministry of Design for Saporiti Italia

If you are a DJ or music lover, this cool creative woofer chair idea from Singapore-based Ministry of Design will perfectly match with your style. An innovative chair that was inspired by the form of a loudspeaker and coupled with technology that allows for sound waves to vibrate throughout the seat, consenting the user to hear and even to feel the audio spectrum, thanks to sophisticated sound actuators hidden inside the fibreglass structure of the chair.
The Woofer Chair eliminates the space between music and listener – creating a fully immersive soundscape. As a chair, a woofer, or the confluence of the two, the Woofer Chair’s subtle duality is captured in its form – a “driver” that produces sound encased in a “cabinet” – the soft ergonomic inner portion tightly stretched over the hard fibreglass outer shell. Its sheer size gives gravitas to the low bass resonances while the tapering of its sides to mere millimetres is a nod to the treble timbres.
Beyond its precise clarity of form, the Woofer Chair can also be uniquely customized to capture a myriad of aesthetic preferences. The basic square canvas surrounding the centre seat is designed to be re-shaped and cladded, creating endless aesthetic iterations whilst maintaining the Woofer Chair’s fundamental design and structure.

The Floater Chaise by Manuel Kretzer and Mathias Bernhard

Simple chaise chair for an outdoor furniture idea is available for you from Manuel Kretzer of Responsive Design Studio together with Mathias Bernhard. The designers has created this Floater Chaise in collaboration with Kläusler Acrylstein AG for its production process. The floater chaise prototype available in four different colors, Alpine White, Fiery Red and Black. If you would like to purchase another color, they might available for you as it still under development.
The elegant sinuous design is based on the distinctive material properties of acrylic stone combined with advanced digital design and fabrication techniques. Generative modeling and analyzation tools were used to maximize the available area on each sheet of 12mm “HI-MACS solid surface” and minimize stress due to bending.
The design was adopted according to these parameters and split in three parts to be manufacturable from standard sheet dimensions. The 2D-CNC cut flat pieces were then vacuum formed on 3-axis CNC milled MDF molds and afterwards seamlessly glue-joint to form a single monolithic shell. The wings on each side appear to hardly touch the ground and emphasize the floating appearance of the chaise. They also enable the user to gently rock back and forth while relaxing on the smooth and durable surface.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern Coffee Chair Design

Designer Sunhan Kwon of HeWasBorn has created a cool and modern seating design ideas that was named as "The Coffe Chair" which get the name from transforming the Coffe Cup into a cool pieces of furniture.
The coffee chair backrest features a handle that can be used to hand a purse or a bag. The chair materials was made from European wood veneer and painted in black, white and natural colors provides a simple design lines.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Brick Upholstering Sofa and Chair Designs

This sofa and chair will perfectly match with your natural home interior design that was done and finished using brick or stone for its main material as this cool sofa and chair has original brick upholstering material too.
This sofa and chair collection was dubbed as “Bricks&Mortar” with a comfortable material not solid as original brick. The designer has create a unique way to decorate our home with his unique brick and mortar chair idea that add more various choice for home owner to select their own unique home interior furniture.