Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dream Bag Furniture by Ulrika Engberg

A furniture to rest in, play with or to dream away in. Dream Bag - a dream like flower for the young and old people. Close it into a bud and let it blossom when or wherever you want either inside or outdoors. Made from foam filled polyester, beaver nylon and is easy to bring with you. Looking for producer!

Designer: Ulrika Engberg & Kasper Medin [ Source: HDK ]

360 Degree Baby Chair | By Bloo, Fresco

Bloom’s european design team created the fresco bloom to provide families with a feeding and resting chair for baby that reflects today’s concepts of living and dining space. Engineered to integrate advanced functionality, such as 360 rotation and exclusive easy-lift height adjustment with unique cocoon-like form, the fresco bloom revolutionises baby chair design and brings premium quality infant fashion into the contemporary home for the first time.

Design: Bloom

The Best Ergonomic Chair Design

The best ergonomic chair design is the one which provides the most support and comfort for you. While all ergonomic chairs are built to provide extra back, shoulder, neck, and wrist support, there are features you can include in your choice of an ergonomic chair design to ensure that it is the best possible purchase you can make.


You’ll know as soon as you sit in it if the ergonomic chair design of a particular model of chair is going to be comfortable for you to work in for hours at a time. A good ergonomic chair design will conform to the contours of your back and let you move your legs at will. It will allow a minimum of one inch of space between the back of your knees and the seat, and it should have comfortable seat and back cushioning, preferably of memory foam. Perforations in the cushioning will allow for temperature-reducing air circulation.

Adjustability and Stability

Good ergonomic chair design will include a vertically adjustable seat which allows you to recline if you choose; the adjustment controls should be easy to reach and engage. The ergonomic chair design should also provide plenty of lumbar support for your lower back.

A proper ergonomic chair design will provide stability when the chair is being used yet roll and swivel with ease. And it will have comfortable cushioned arm rests which are both vertically and laterally adjustable, so that they can be moved out of the way.

Back And Seat

One critical element of a good ergonomic chair design is the backrest. The back rest should provide adequate support to both your lower and middle back, and should be of adjustable height. It should also move forward and back, and lock at the angle of your choice. The best ergonomic chair design includes a self-adjusting backrest to ensure you have complete lumbar and thoracic back support.

The seat of a good ergonomic chair design will offer sufficient thigh support and adjustable depth so that you can increase the support to your liking. You can test the seat and all the other features of your ergonomic chair design at a retailer before you make a final decision, and you can also review the chair’s instruction manual to make sure you will be comfortable with its operation.

You can also find more info on ergonomic office and office chair ergonomic. Knowergonomic.com is a comprehensive resource to know about Ergonomic chairs.

Article Source: EzineArticles

Monday, October 22, 2007

Luisa Chaise Chair Design


Every time you look at a chaise you will have a thought about relaxing and wish that you was on vacation. Too bad it’s Monday. so enjoy this lovely chair at your home or your dream while you go to sleep on top of this chair...:), its a nice Chair Design


Best Transparant Chair Design | Desain kursi Transparan


See thru this chair what you can find behind..:), This clear chiar is a lovely chair with a minimalist and light design..., . As most of you probably already know, the Kartell Ghost chair is our favorite chair ever. So, whenever we see clear chairs, its feels wanna have one or two of them.

Chect out the site of this chairs come from in here : http://www.cantoni.com