Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smartchair with Biofeedback Sensors

Most standard office chairs weren’t designed with your total comfort in mind. Most companies throw a few pieces of plastic and cushions together and call it a seat, but what about our aching backs? Years of sitting in a computer chair can cause serious damage.

This excellent Smartchair takes our comfort into consideration and would be a welcome addition into any home office. Instead of relying on a cheap padded adjustment system, the Smartchair uses a combination of auto-adjusted spring formations and biofeedback sensors to automatically adjust to your muscle pain.

Multi Functional Furniture by Colico Design

This is a great multi functional furniture named Tao that was brought to you by Colico Design. The main attribute of the Tao is its ability to transform into different looks and in effect different pieces of furniture. The Tao can be transformed from two chaise lounges to a double bed with a simple reposition of the loungers, as you can see in the pictures attached below.

This piece of furniture allows you to free up the space in your living room quickly and then when your finished, put it back together. In conclusion Tao is a great option for those who like to change up the design of their room, quickly and easily.

Baby Car Seat Tot-Pod

Who said parents aren’t cool and sophisticated? Just look at the design concept for the Tot-Pod baby car seat by Canadian designer, Aldo Barreto.

Looking like a clam shell when it is not in use, this ultra-modern, foldable baby car seat has been designed for a competition for luggage company Samsonite. It has an integrated child restraint system, carrying handle and a multi-purpose storage compartment in the back. The Tot-Pod baby car seat can also be converted to a stroller.

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