Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tank Chair

ALL NEW 2008 TankChair. The new and improved chair has a lower center of gravity, more torque, stronger chassis, and improved incline and decline approach angles. For every 10 chairs sold, TankChair is going to donate one to a fire department in a rural area so that they can give it away to someone who would not normally be able to afford one.

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OX Leather Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Looking for an office chair design..?? This OX Leather Chair could be a good choice for your office. Designed by Hans J. Wegner, The OX leather chair is impressive, big and looks very comfortable. The headrest of the Ox Chair is bigger than a normal one and specially designed to be in tone with the chair name and to represent two ox horns. The chair comes in 4 colors.

OX Leather Chair

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Unique Suitcase Chair Concept for Traveller

Unique Suitcase Chair Concept for Traveller

Unique transformable functional suitcase chair furniture design concept is more of a comfortable suitcase, or chair with wheels that holds a bunch of clothes sometimes. With airline delays becoming more frequent, having a place to park your backside while waiting for the inevitable gate change is a relief, and since your carry-on also doubles as a chair, you won't waste time gathering your belongings for that terminal sprint.

Unique Suitcase Chair Concept Traveller

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Arp Modern Barstool Design by Karim Rashid

This contemporary bar stool has been a favorite for many years. The modern wavy design of the wooden seat makes this bar stool supportive and comfortable and also adds an attractive element. The simple chrome legs keep in tune with the clean line basis of modern design.

This bar/counter stool is a true beauty. With a modern look, bold design, and wood finish this chair will look absolutely stunning in any room. This Modern bar stool is both eye catching in their elegance and price. Unmatched in contemporary appeal, this bar/counter stool will be a striking addition to any space. Art blends beautifully with function to create a stool that will deliver great contemporary flair to any space.

Karim Rashid designed the ARP Stool back in the early 1990's, and was an immediate success due to the combination of the simple legs and the sensuous and supportive wavy seat form that has been a trademark for Karim throughout his design career. After several years out of production, Offi has re-introduced the ARP to the market. It is available in both barstool height (30") and counter height (24") with two natural plywood finishes and the chrome leg structure.

Crochet Chair Design by Marcel Wanders

Crochet Chair Design

Designed by Marcel Wanders and manufactured by Moooi, The crochet chair design is constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers that are stitched together, formed over a mould and stiffened with resin. The open structure and lightness of the chair provides a nice contrast with the massive marble side table, Solid White. The Crochet Chair was launched last month at Smart Deco, a show held at Design Miami.

The Crochet Chair was launched at Smart Deco, a collaborative show held at Design Miami by New York design gallery Barry Friedman Ltd and Dutch collective Droog.

Designer: Marcel Wanders

Bamboo Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo

Bamboo Spring Chair

Having a green furniture accecories in our home interior is a great thing to consider, such as having this ergonomic bamboo spring chair. This cool seating design is made from rapidly-renewable bamboo with non-toxic toxic in its material finish and the design itself is material-efficiency design reduces waste. That what makes this Bamboo Spring Chair become one of so many green furniture products. Its ergonomic design is contoured to the body. Made from fast-growing, rapidly renewable bamboo. The strength and flexibility of bamboo create gentle rocking action in this sensuous, modern chair design.

Bamboo Spring Chair2

Detail product of Bamboo Spring Chair:
- Spring Chair Dimensions: 21" Deep x 17" Wide x 37" High
- Spring Chair Colors: Natural, Ebony, and Cherry
- Spring Chair Delivery: Six to eight weeks


Bamboo Spring Chair3
Bamboo Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design

Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design

This ultra modern seating design "Lava Sofa" is a great furniture design created and designed by Kirsten Antje Hoppert and Steffen Kroll of Studio Vertijet. The "Lava" is so many things, "a work of art and a piece of sitting-reclining lounge furniture at the same time, the concept of Lava is as diverse as its uses". The possibilities are endless as the vertical variance reaches down to the floor as soft, upholstered mats transform even this surface into part of the furniture.

Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design

Cor is not only dedicated to the ultimate in design, their philosophy includes skilled hands and eyes of master craftspeople as well as top quality materials, durability, excellent proportions, and a great deal of skill as the ingredients. The Lava Sofa Lounge is furniture, landscape, and sculpture, unusual in its uses, unique in its design.

Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design
Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design

Cor Lava Sofa Ultra Modern Seating Design
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Kloe Ultra Modern Armchair from Desalto

Kloe Ultra Modern Armchair from Desalto

Ultra Modern Kloe Armchair is a rotational moulded nylon or polyethylene armchair that really suitable for indoor or outdoor use with durability in materials and design. Designed by Marco Acerbis for Italian furniture firm Desalto, This Kloe modern armchair available in glossy lacquered nylon and matt polyethelene.

Matt version available in green, white, orange and glossy finish in black or white. Visual softness and surprise are the concepts that best embody the spirit of this new seat, also conceived for outdoor use that, although it is rigid and capable of withstanding the elements, provides comfort and is exciting to the touch.

Kloe Modern Armchair Desalto

Desalto’s philosophy when creating furniture is for it to have good character, a strong personality, to denote culture and transmit emotion, to possess formal values and freedom in its functions and to provide comfort and utility in use. We offer a range of products which as well as being practical and sometimes a little inventive, can be celebrated for their design and good looks.

Kloe Ultra Modern Armchair Desalto

Modern KLOE Armchair Dimension:
Width: 750 mm
Depth: 800 mm
Height: 680 mm
Height of seat: 380 mm

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