Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biombo Folding Screen Chairs

The Biombo is wooden with the screen portion hinged. The front decorated portion of the screen concertinas down to form the chair. The screen frame still has a backing for back support. One question that remains is how much weight can the chair handle as it looks quite lightweight. The Biombo can be used as a screen, either decoratively or as a room divider most of the time. But when company calls, they can be folded down to become extra chairs.

The surface of the seat can be engraved with a graphic image that transforms it into a decorative object when folded flat. To turn it into a chair, you simply take it off and get all origami. The Biombo can be used as a screen, either decoratively or as a room divider most of the time. But when company calls, they can be folded down to become extra chairs.

Designer: Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Italian Outdoor Furniture - Wicker Furniture

This cool and breezy Italian outdoor furniture is from the Emu Wicker range. Using an innovative fibre that is long-lasting and weather-resistant, the Emu Wicker outdoor furniture offers strikingly unusual shapes. It is an ideal solution for those who would like durable furniture that fits into their natural garden environment. Eustachio is the expansive, iconic circular chair that somehow seems to defy gravity on its sturdy base.

Alveo is a comfortable chaise lounge love seat full of romance – and with a thoughtful leg rest extension. Elitre is a fabulous space to relax, with an attractive leaf shade that you can adjust as the sun moves in the sky. Finally, the Yucca is a distinctive padded chair that is as stylish as it is inviting.

Contemporary Italian chaise lounge design | Casa Novalia

Casa Novalia take Italian craftsmanship and experience with fine leathers and create a high quality chair of fabulous character. The Tango features a swooping arched frame that lets you recline in ergonomic comfort. Topped with leather cushions, the Tango has a nearly woven effect in its buttoned padding.

Made of the finest leathers, the Tango has been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. The Leather grains have been carefully chosen to compliment each other, while harmonious threads are used to blend into the smooth surface. And with all this sensuous luxury you also get a chair that is easy to clean and maintain. A fabulous piece from Casa Novalia the Tango contemporary chaise offers modern elegance and refinement.

Kettal Maia Outdoor furniture

Reinterpreting traditional weaving through modern technology and material, the Kettal Maia Outdoor furniture collection has a modern geometric style. The spun aluminium framework has a light open design that defies the strong solid metal. Edged with a bold strong frame, the Maia furniture clearly defines the elegant shape of these stunning outdoor pieces. The distinctive Maia table features a slim dark table top that perches upon a blooming pillar of aluminium mesh. With matching chairs that cradle you in a woven web, the Maia outdoor chairs can be fitted with precisely fitted cushions which accent the elegant chair geometry while adding a vibrant splash of colour. A truly modern design with a hint of retro inspiration, the Kettal Outdoor Furniture adds glamour and style to your gardens and patios.

Dining Furniture, Contemporary Dining Room Furniture by Team 7

This contemporary dining furniture by Team 7 could be your dreams come true. Exclusivity is vital for this internationally renowned brand - and discovering the styling of Team 7 dining furniture is indeed a rare find. You can customise the look of the contemporary dining furniture by combining your choice of natural wood with luxurious leather upholstery to suit your environment; the use of quality materials serves to put the focus strongly on the stunning design.

Available as a cantilever chair, a swivel chair or with a centre leg, it is possible to use the Girado dining set in a variety of situations. The real comfort of the chair is provided by the visually pleasing backrest, presented in wood or upholstered in leather, which curves up sensually from the seat. Eye-catching and versatile, the Girado is a gorgeous contemporary dining set from Team 7 which transcends trends.