Friday, January 29, 2010

The Janus Chairs by Ryder Architecture

Created as one of six sculptural shelters, this interesting Janus Chairs furniture ideas is created by Ryder Architecture and have been installed at Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland in North East England.

The three one piece chairs (H2.3mxW1.2mxL2.3m, H2.7mxW1.8mxL3.1m, H3.3mx W2.4mxL3.8m) can be rotated toward a favourite view, into the sun, away from the wind or toward each other to form a family group.

They are made from laminated Douglas fir from the Scottish borders with polished stainless steel backs. Facing inward they are the closed bud of a flower, rotated outward they come into full bloom.