Friday, May 29, 2009

Sander Mulder VK001 Chair

Sander Mulder VK001 Chair

The chair 'VK001' is an industrially produced chair with handmade qualities designed by a young dutch designer with a portfolio full of designs that cover lighting, accessories and furniture Sander mulder. In the production process and at purchase this chair is equal to everybody. While you are using the VK001 chair the seat transforms into the perfect fit for your body, one of those handmade qualities everyone appreciates, with the convenience and cost effectiveness of industrial production.

This VK001 Chair design attempts to personalize an industrial produced product. In today's mass consumption, traditional and proven qualities are often sacrificed for the ability to produce at the largest numbers and lowest prices possible.

'Bricks + Mortar' Sofa and Chair | Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong

Collaboration betweeen British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong have produced the design of this series of 'Bricks + Mortar' Sofa and Chair design. The upholstery bares a classic Woods screen print that turns a recycled, domestic motifinto an applied ‘icon'.

The irony of the Bricks & Mortar design lies in the extreme comfort of the chair in comparison to the perceived ‘hardness' of the print. The elegant, fundamental shape of the single seat chair, two-seater sofa and footstool provide the ideal vehicle for Woods' bold design.

'The concept behind the bricks & mortar collaboration was a natural progression into
upholstered surfaces using woods' brick print. the scale and layout of the bricks dictated the scale of the seat and sofa so the mortar lines correspond with the geometry of the object,' says sebastian wrong

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Froog Chair by Hafedh Nefti

Froog Chair by Hafedh Nefti

Hafedh Nefti presented his latest release featuring an interesting spin on plastic modern seating called "Froog Chair". The froog chair is made of polypropylene with a steel base.

Froog Chair by Hafedh Nefti

Designer :

Bold Chair Furniture by Big Game for Moustache

Big-Game has designed the tubular steel chair called Bold Chair for Moustache. The chair is made up of two tubular metal parts, embedded in each other and thickened by upholstery. Its sock-like sleeving makes the cover removable, letting you change the color in a matter of seconds.

The Bold Chair is parts of the big-game collection made in 2007, starting with basic, geometrical elements to create functional objects. the Bold Chair is thickened by upholstery. Its sock-like sleeving makes the cover removable. Steel, polyurethane, polyamide

Photography: Millo Keller

Designer’s website:
Manufacturer’s website:

The Afra Armchair | Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti

Afra Armchair

Italian designer Francesco Rota has completed the outdoor furniture Afra armchair for Paola Lenti. The armchair is designed for outdoor environments, and is inspired by an overturned African basket, featuring a braid designed to provide a draining effect for quick drying.

The Infinity Bench by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt

Carl Fredrik Svenstedt has projected the Infinity Bench furniture for lerival and has just been presented in ICFF 2009. The organic shape of this bench / table / recliner is the result of clever mathematics. The rings are serial, concentric hoops, like the layers of an onion, cut from less than 3.4 m² of flat furniture-grade plywood using CNC technology. The variations in diameter of the rings create a structurally stable, undulating sequence.

Carl Fredrik Svenstedt, a Paris-based architect, works on international architecture projects and industrial design, and everything in-between. He believes in the continuum of the designed world, and designs across the whole spectrum of scale: from the macro city down to the tangible, hand-held object