Thursday, October 2, 2008

MyYour Plastic Outdoor Furniture

MyYour plastic outdoor furniture is appealing on so many different levels. This table and chair set, Community, is designed by More Design and represents the best use of plastic outdoor furniture. It is everything it should be: futuristic, compact, unusual, light-hearted – not to mention durable.

The color of Community is fully customisable, plus the table and four armchairs can be different colors to great effect (check out the vibrant shocking pink and acid green combo pictured!). The moulded plastic armchairs are also comfortable and spacious. Even better, a lighting kit is available for the base, bringing a whole new meaning to a romantic dinner with the gentle glow!

With a grouping of Community together on the patio or poolside, you will also succeed in making an enticing environment to keep your guests outdoors long after the sun goes down. When not in use, the armchairs slot neatly under the table for an artsy, sculptural look. Contact MyYour for more information.

334 Newspaper Bench by Oscar Lhermitte

Designed by designer Oscar Lhermitte as part of the “X days project.” This “334″ Newspaper Bench is an innovative idea that aims to make people more eco-concious. This series aims to create products that involve considerable recycling, yet avoid processes like gluing, screwing, soldering etc. 334 bench consists of three parallel bars of metal, over which are stacked 334 old newspapers.

At a first glance this bench might look fragile but it’s not, the designer claims that’s this piece of furniture has the capability of roughly holding the weight of 5 people. This project wasn’t meant to be sold, it was created with the purpose to inspire others to make their own pieces of eco friendly furniture and to make people more eco-concious.

PACKMAN Chair Furniture by Qayot

PACKMAN Chair Furniture by Qayot was a cool furniture design that was created by Italian company Qayot the Poufman living room set was inspired by the well known game Packman. Each unit has wooden support and polyurethane padding, covered by a fabric and polyester cover that’s both stain-resistant and removable. The actual seat eating the square stool in just about any colour combination you require. The price for this piece of furniture ai available on request and you can find out more about it at the Qayot website.

What’s different with this PACKMAN Furniture?
The highly unusual seating set can be arranged in many different combination, to create larger seats. The colorful and removable lining also allows the user to play with color and use their imagination in customizing the look of their poufs.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Seating Design from IFDA 2008

Barca by Jakob Joergensen (Denmark)

The 2008 International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa (IFDA) received 1,085 entries from 50 countries.

One of the most restrictive rule of the contest was: “Works (cabinets, tables, chairs and others) entered must be newly created and previously unpublished. “Unpublished” means that the work has never appeared on the market as a product, has never appeared in a newspaper, magazine, or exhibition, and has never been a winner in other competitions before the sponsor announces the results of the main selection process (please refrain from entering this competition and other competitions at the same time.)

Meditation Bench by Sehwa Bae (Korea)

A work which has appeared in student exhibitions is considered unpublished. Works are considered “wooden” when their major component parts are made of wood.”

Below are some highlights :

Star Chair by Sam-woong Lee (Korea):

Low Swivel Lounge by Nicholas Dodziuk (USA):

Kerf Bend Chair by Takeshi Daimon (Japan):

Chair Yoda by Jaenah Jung and Sungbum Wi (Korea):

Sunday, September 28, 2008

WOWBOW Pet Furniture, Contemporary Beds and Dining Tables

This is a contemporary beds and dining tables for dogs from London based WOWBOW. WOWBOW’s pet furniture is hand made in the UK from 10mm thick Perspex, and the dog beds feature faux suede cushions. WOWBOW is a new luxury brand committed to pampered pets & their discerning two legged companions.

WOWBOW was the inspiration of one little rescue dog who has no idea that she's become an international supermodel! Mija has lent her name to our signature collection, the Mija range that is and will remain the cornerstone of our business. She has personally tested and retested all of our dog products and places her paw of approval on all the designs before they are released to the public.

As we continue to add to our collections, the Mija range will continue to grow with exciting collaborations with leading British designers who share the WOWBOW ethos. Those selected are masters of their craft and respected internationally for their imagination and skill within their creative field.

The Pleats Sofa, designed by Stephen Burks

The Pleats Sofa was designed by Stephen Burks, This Pleats Sofa available in two sizes, pleats utilises traditional steam pleating techniques to offer an exciting alternative to public space seating. Available in a wide range of colours with powder coated steel base plate.

The finishes below are our standard finishes, if you wish to specify any finish other than these options please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note that colours are for reference only and will vary from screen to screen.

Due to the pleated nature of the upholstery, fabric choices are limited to plain, untextured wools. We offer a wide range of contract fabrics from a selection of manufacturers:

Technical Details:
Upholstery: Hardwood frame with CMHR multi density foam with pleated fabric.
Legs / Feet: Powder coated steel plate in RAL 7021.

Stephen Burks and his New York studio, Readymade Projects, have been responsible for creative design direction on projects ranging from retail interiors and events to lighting, furniture and industrial design. He has developed innovative concepts for international brands including Aid To Artisans, Cappellini, Covo, David Design, E&Y, Estee Lauder, Herman Miller, Idee, Missoni, Mogu, Moroso, Triple 5 Soul, Vitra and Zanotta. He has consistently been the first African-American industrial designer to ever collaborate with these companies.

As a lecturer, Stephen has been invited to speak at the Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute and the Beckmans School of Design 1998 international design seminar entitled “Disruption Contents” in Stockholm. In 1997, he was one of fifteen designers invited to host a design workshop at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts de Sainte Etienne in France as part of their first international design biennial in 1998. In 2002, he was also one of the judges of the Student/Concepts category of I.D. Magazine’s 48th Annual International Design Review.

As the international art director for the former Japanese brand Mogu, he designed the Mogu-fied Fun House exhibition in Milan, 2003, the first ever Mogu flagship store in New York, 2003, and the Missoni Mogu Fun Fun exhibition during the Salone del Mobile, 2004.

Unique Chair, Lounger 4 Chaise

Wanna have this cool unique chair for your home interior..?? Yeah, this unique lounger is hand produced in the United Kingdom and is composed of pure British Oak and have a dynamic shape and unusual design that will made your room look more interesting. Concealed bolts lie within and lemon oil with bison wax coat the surface. The lounger's weight limit is approximately 220 pounds.

Dimension :
Height ( 47")
Width ( 39.5")
Length ( 78.5")

get this unique chair at : opulentitem

Chaise Lounge from BoConcept

This chaise lounge from BoConcept is luxury relaxation without the luxury price tag. This chaise is great form of contemporary comfort. The upholstery is available in many colors and textures. You can pick from beige, red, or black fabric or leather. The fabrics start at $499. The overall width is 69 1/4" making it a great proportion space and comfort. BoConcept offers many seating options.

Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno

This is a sensational handcrafted limestone Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno with natural heat radiation. Designed by an eminent doctor of hot stone therapy, Prof. Dr. Med. Billingham, the chair is primarily for people concerned with their health and wellness. Shaped from a single block of limestone - the chaise lounge supports and comforts with gentle radiant heat from deep within. To ensure the warmth is targeted correctly, an optional thermostat can control three independent heat zones at the legs, hips and shoulders. There is a neck cushion adjustable to the perfect position, and the raised position of your legs will aid total relaxation.

The Cleopatra chaise lounge can be used inside or out, and is available in three timeless designs. A modern take on classic elegance, and ancient therapeutic techniques, the Cleopatra from Alemanno is certainly no ordinary item of furniture.

Modern armchair LaCarmen Italian by Saba Italia

A whimsical modern armchair from Saba Italia. With a light-hearted play of minimalist contemporary design and sumptuous classic printed material, the LaCarmen eminates modern creativity and beauty. The armchair is essentially expressive - the collar can be lifted up to create a cozy, enclosed feeling, or left down to encourage a social environment. Either way, the lovely, feminine aspect of the modern armchair is a rare delight. The traditional look of the fabric, with its printed interpretation of a pleasant outdoor scene, has been successfully adapted to the curved lines of the armchair’s conical construction.

The chair is available in a simple black and white version which perfectly highlights the collar function. Enhancing the design details of your home has never been easier than with the LaCarmen armchair from Saba Italia.

Nature v2.01 Chair by Draw Me a Sheep

Nature v2.01 Chair explores today’s struggling human relationship with nature and our desire for authenticity. The pieces, which feature ash bark formed over timber and resin, are based on the notion that if trees had square trunks, less wood would be wasted. I know that these pieces look like they were grown in somebody’s backyard rather than manufactured in a design studio, but the final result look quite interesting. The designs were presented at 100% Design London and they are created by Belgium-based designers from Draw Me a Sheep.

Square Tree Trunk series are a part of NATURE V2.01 project. ‘Round’ is perfect in nature, but ‘square’ is perfect for industrial standard. To illustrate, square tree would enable wood industry to lose less material, to cut easier with machines and to store more efficiently.

One sawmiller said, “I wish trees were growing square. Things people make with woods are square anyway, and we need to lose a lot by cutting out the rounded part.” Likewise, same ‘tree’ can be seen as a symbol of nature, or inefficient material for ’wood’ industry. Would we actually get surprised by looking at square trees someday??

The Glide Chair by Kedar Naik

This Glide Chair is an interesting piece of furniture designed by by Kedar Naik. This Glide chair is a perfect furniture for relax after a long day’s work. Lightweight and comfortable, the Glide chair molds to your body supplying a single moment of rest after a hard day at work. The Glide Chair is made of lacquered aluminum and fiberglass and the design is simple, modern and minimalist.

Designer: Kedar Naik