Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nature v2.01 Chair by Draw Me a Sheep

Nature v2.01 Chair explores today’s struggling human relationship with nature and our desire for authenticity. The pieces, which feature ash bark formed over timber and resin, are based on the notion that if trees had square trunks, less wood would be wasted. I know that these pieces look like they were grown in somebody’s backyard rather than manufactured in a design studio, but the final result look quite interesting. The designs were presented at 100% Design London and they are created by Belgium-based designers from Draw Me a Sheep.

Square Tree Trunk series are a part of NATURE V2.01 project. ‘Round’ is perfect in nature, but ‘square’ is perfect for industrial standard. To illustrate, square tree would enable wood industry to lose less material, to cut easier with machines and to store more efficiently.

One sawmiller said, “I wish trees were growing square. Things people make with woods are square anyway, and we need to lose a lot by cutting out the rounded part.” Likewise, same ‘tree’ can be seen as a symbol of nature, or inefficient material for ’wood’ industry. Would we actually get surprised by looking at square trees someday??

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