Friday, December 21, 2007

Full Ergonomic Chair Design by Herman Miller

Have you ever try this comfortable ergonomic office chair..?? Designed by Herman Miller , this Aeron office chairs deliver comfortable and highly adjustable design that will fit to everyone, the best choice and have ergonomic design that support all of your office activities. You can have this aeron chair for $1200 that featuring a chrome accented base and frame finish with leather armrests.

The new futuristic looking and concept of Aeron chair including an auto adjustable to your every shift and will adjust itself automatically, not manual adjusting. Nice Office chair design to buy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Chair of Textures By TJEP

The Chair of Textures for Smart Deco Project, started with an architectural experiment realized for the Dutch Architectural Institute in 2005 called House of Textures.

Client : Droog / Barry Friedman Ltd.

Material : Metal

Designer : Tjep.

Reset Chair Designs Collection

" Misfits Sofa ". Design by Arad Ron, this sofa design is really misfits, looks so soft and comfort to me. it will be suit in my livingroom, i just need some more color selection of this soft misfits sofa not only purple i guess.

Rocking chair "MT3" (2005)

Chair "Three skin" (2004)

Chair "Ripple" (2005)

Wavy Chair

The Wavy Chair from Reset Design is preety cool ones, this chair as you can see just like a waves in the ocean, availabe with many selection of colors from transparan white to red, green & blue ones.

Cool Chair Concept Design " a Chair that will follow you"

This is preety cool chair design that will amaze you, or at least giving you some new brigt idea in chair design. Yup..., the name of this chair is “Take-A-Seat”, that is a chair concept that follows you wherever you go . For an example if you’re in a library and you are a member of that library as you can see in this video. You hold your membership-card in front of the chair and from then on you have a seat that follows you around.

This is a concept visualisation made by Jelte van Geest for his graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Maybe this kind of chair will only needed in some certain places. such as library, airport, hospital or...??? you can add more if you have any clue...Now let’s just see a video that will explain to you about this cool chair design . - Via - Freshome.

Designer : Jelte van Geest