Thursday, December 13, 2007

"MR lounge chair" by Mies Van Der Rohe

Another Piece of art in chair design from Mies Van der Rohe
"MR lounge chair" is a tubular chromate steel frame and a removable cushion upon a thick cowhide belting frame support. The cushion is characterized by a series of padded quilted sectionts. "Natura Leather" covering.

Full and complete selection choice of color are ready for this lovely chairFrom Natura Leather Colours, Giorgio leather Color to Fabric and Shynthethic Color.

Frank O Gehry Chairs Design Collection " Side Chair"

The Side Chair By Frank O. Gehry.
Well known for his use of unusual materials. This is one of his sucessful piece of work in chair design that using corrugated cardboard, edges made of hardboard, natural or lacquered as material.

Although they appear unbelievably simple "Easy Edges" are constructed with the architect's care as well as being very robust and stable. Approximately 60 layers of cardboard are held together by hidden screws with a fibreboard edging.

Frank Gehry, 1972/2005


Wiggle Side Chair
Frank O. Gehry is well known for his use of unusual materials. With his "Easy Edges" furniture he succeeded in giving a new aesthetic dimension to such an everyday material as cardboard.

Despite their appearing bafflingly simple, the "Easy Edges” are nonetheless constructed with an architect's care and are extremely robust and sturdy. Having given them a makeover from the world of colour, Gehry has given the "Easy Edges" a new dimension - colourfulness.

Corrugated cardboard, edges made of hardboard, natural or lacquered

Frank Gehry, 1972/2005


FOG Stacking Chair
Frank Gehry's FOG metal stacking chair incorporates the complex calculus and geometry that distinguishes his most recent designs.

Seat or full upholstery in Spinneybeck leather available
Can be used indoors or outdoors; with or without upholstery

Shell of polished, anodized, cast aluminum
Urethane spring mechanism renders back of chair flexible
Legs made of tubular steel

Available with or without arms

Arm Chair is 25" W x 24" D x 31 3/4"H with seat height of 17 1/2" H
Armless Chair is 21" W x 24" D x 31 3/4" H with seat height of 17 1/2"

Frank Gehry


Verner Panton's Side and Dining Chair

Verner Panton HAG Pantonic Chair
You will smile when you see it and smile even more when you sit on it. HÅG Pantonic reacts immediately to every kind of movement and will encourage you to change your sitting position. Just what the body likes!

Design: Verner Panton
Manufacturer: HÅG

The Panton Chair has won various design prizes world-wide and graces the collections of numerous renowned museums. Its expressive shape makes it a true 20th-century design icon. Made from solid plastic chair made in a single mould. Material: fibreglass reinforced
polypropylene dyed through. Produced using injection moulding. Also suitable for outdoor use. The shell is UV and weather-proof and contains additional additives to prevent early fading.

Weight 5.5 kg

Passed tests based on DIN EN 1021, Parts 1 and 2 Flammability of Upholstered Furniture (cigarette and butane flame test).

Panton Chair Classic

Danish designer Verner Panton spent many years thinking about how to produce a plastic chair moulded in one piece. Together with Vitra, he came up with the first prototypes in the 1960s and Panton Chair went into series production as of 1967. Unlike the cheaper Panton Chair Standard in solid plastic, Panton Chair Classic is made of rigid expanded plastic and has a lacquered surface.

The Panton Chair is recognised as a classic of modern furniture design: one of the first models belongs to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. True to the original, the Panton Chair Classic is available with a lacquered finish in black, white or red.

Materials: hard foam plastic shell, surface painted with a gloss lacquer.
Design: Verner Panton, 1959/60
Manufacturer: Vitra

Verner Panton's First chair was designed for a restaurant in Tivoli, Copenhagen in 1955. The chair, called The Tivoli Chair, was used indoors as well as outdoors. The chair can be used both at the conference table, the dining table, in the cafeteria or outside on the terrace or in the garden. The chair was awarded best classic at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2004 by the magazine Bo Bedre.

Design: Verner Panton
Manufacturer: Djob

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boxing Glove Chair Design for you.

Are u a boxer..?? have a big dream that someday you will be a great boxer..?? maybe this Boxing Glove Chair can keep ur dream comes true, You can take a little practice by hitting your best JAB or Uppercut punch at this chair, its comfort, comes in a cream and red “boxer feel” faux leather upholstery, so you dont have to worry to get an accident or some bruises.

its also interesting chair that can you use for sitting with a whole family while watching a boxing match game to support your favourite boxer.

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Funky Rock Chairs Design from Livingstone

Can you mention where is the real stone and where is the fake one..??

Now you can bring new funky rock chair design inside your home, its so soft & comfort, from the big one to the small one you can use as a minibed and pillow to accompany your day wathing television or reading a book at your livingroom area. Brought t you by French company Livingstones

Joe Doucet chair design

Nice woods chair design that bring to you by Joe Doucet, a sleek pieces of furniture that uses minimalist structure design application. some kind of new unordinary for me ( look at the chair legs joint ) maybe its make the user get comfortable with chair as we sit on it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Origami Chair by New York designer James Deiter

Origami ( the art of paper design ) is always give us some new experience in creating all kind of models that we want to made, such as this interesting chair design that was created by New York designer James Deiter [ the Origami Chair ]

Just like other origami design, the strength in this chair comes from clever folds, formed from a single sheet.

Reclining Chair Design at Fuchs + Funke

The chair stays in the background and offers support for a variety of actions.
A synchronized movement doubles the length responding to the need for recreation.
In reverse the minimal shape is obtained just as quickly.

Papton Chair | Lightweight cardboard Chair Design

Did you ever played a paper plane when you was a child ..?? or ever made a chair design using a paper or cardboard for its material..?? Maybe this is one of the chair design that is successfully made from paper / cardboard material, a PAPTON CHAIR , a chair thats so simple and easy to build, just a few foldings transform a composite panel into a real lightweight chair of 2kgs only. A couple of polygons create a clear, graphic unity. Nice to try.
Papton is part of the permanent collection
of the MKG Hamburg.