Monday, January 28, 2013

Dry Ice From Industrial to Daily Usage

Several people might think that dry ice is made of water. Well, that’s completely wrong. Dry ice is made out of carbon dioxide which is frozen and won’t melt. There many ways that you can use dry ice, such as for entertaining, creating fog or maybe for a science project. Dry ice must be taken care of with precautions like wearing protective gloves or you might get your hands burned as it’s definitely colder than ice. If you try using it on fruits or other objects then they might get frozen really quick. In industrial usage, dry ice is used to remove oil, grease, adhesives and many other substances.

Having a dry ice maker means that you will have several benefits such as reducing your cleaning and maintenance wages and it's certainly much faster than the average everyday cleaning methods. Most companies prefer this method once they are aware of the benefits, because the cleaning can take place without shutting down production! This is a definite advantage, in that there is not the downtime which results in lost production and sales. In addition, this method of cleaning is effective, but gentle enough to be used in the food industry as well, without concern of toxins, which is extremely important for obvious reasons. Machines can be cleaned with this method while running, which is amazing to me!

To produce this dry ice either for personal or industrial necessities you will need a suitable dry ice maker. There are several dry ice blasting machines ranging from light duty up to the extreme duty which is used in a larger scale of industrial usage. You can check out the dry ice machines and see which one fits your purpose at The company has been recommended by several major brands which are very well known across the globe.

For further information, Check out their products here. There is good information here if you are new to this whole concept of cleaning. Definitely worth the read!