Monday, July 13, 2009

Gisa Revolving Armchair Inspiration from Leolux

Revolving Armchair Inspiration from Leolux - Gisa

Jane Worthington has designed this 360 degrees rotating chair "REVOLVING CHAIR" inspired by the soft forms of a nature in 2005. The compact Gisa armchair has a neck that turns and can be bends into many positions.

Gisa Revolving Armchair Inspiration from Leolux

Nominated for the Interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006, the Gisa revolving armchair from Leolux is an iconic, unforgettable piece of furniture with a distinctly practical application. The uncanny curves of the armchair were first moulded from one piece of material into a unified, organic shape. This shape is now faithfully reproduced using the best technology into leather and upholstered Gisa chairs, in many textures and hues.

Gisa Revolving Armchair Inspiration from Leolux

Eklipse Chairs - Unique Chair Designs by BRF

An interesting Lounge Chair has been designed by Eklipse. This unique contemporary modern Eklipse Lounge Chair is an attractive and useful addition to your living space. Eklipse Chairs is a modern range of unique chairs, simple yet ingenious chair concept that can add a modern accent to your home.

Designs by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic, Eklipse chairs push the boundaries between art and furniture. The unique shape looks stylish grouped in sociable clusters. The removable covers are available in a wide range of fabric or leather options. This Eklipse Designer Lounge Chair is an elegant range of luxurious Leather Lounge Chair. It will provide the perfect focal point to your living room, adding a touch of class to your living space.