Friday, November 2, 2007

Bruno Mathsson Chair Design Collection

Milton Chair design

Chief- and conference chair. Seat performed as Mi 440. Swivel base of chromium-plated round steel. Width 610, depth 630, height 880, seatheight 450 mm

Minister Chair design

Easychair, seat of chromium-plated tubular steel. Swivelling base of chromium-plated round steel. Upholstery is stitched horizontally over polyether and supporting web. Equipped with pillow.

Pernila design chair

Eva Sofa Chair design

On his return to Sweden, the tireless Bruno Mathsson continued designing. He had won such worldwide recognition that on his return to New York to exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in 1978, the New York Times wrote a headline ”Bruno is back”. During his lifetime he was awarded a number of distinctions including the Gregor Paulssons-statyette (1955), Prince Eugens gold medal (1965), Knight of the Royal Swedish Order of the Wasa (1967), member of The Royal Society of Art, London (1978) and assigned the title professor by the Swedish government (1981).

Bruno Mathsson was a striking artist, self-willed and stubborn. He lived with and for his art and never appeared to grow tired in his eagerness to create new furniture for a new time. In 1981, at seventy-four years of age, he created a workstation for computer users. The workstation is equipped with a so called ”wing” that supports the users shoulders. The last piece of furniture to leave Bruno Mathssons drawing-table was the easychair Minister in 1986.

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