Saturday, December 8, 2007

an Interesting FlipChair Design

This chair design maybe inspired by woman shoes with the heeled foot design on it . but this is really a chair design that can be flip and used as a chair or chaise lounge. Really interesting chair design, i wonder if i sit on it, is the material of this chair really make me comfort coz its look like come out from a solid material. but its really nice to try. want some...??

Designer: Boris Novachi Bojic

Paperclip Chair | an ultra lighweight chair design by Chris Kujawski

Need a paperclip for clipping your document....?? How about paperclip to sit on while you are managing your document to be clipped.

This is the Paperclip Chair , the chair that have an ultra lightweight and made from titanium rod and formed sheet aluminum. Designed by Chris Kujawski, This chair also can be stacked and transported very easily. The cantilever lends flexibility to the frame, but the sitter is prevented from tilting all the way back by the concentric bar across the back of the chair.

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Fully Loaded Chair made out from shotgun shells

Great Chair design by Alexander Reh called Fully Loaded Chair. The chair that made up of over 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells. As you can see, the The bright brass tips create a massaging texture on the top of the chair for your back, this is much contrary of their intended use ( to shoot something )

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Nice and warm Reflection Chair

Designed by Vincent Lai , The Reflection chair gives youand create some place to hideaway from anyhing that bothreing you while you can relax, reflect, and concentrate sitting in the chair, The chair is so warm, when you sitting on that chair you will feel like you got a big hug by this lovely and nice chair.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Boomerang Chair Design from Meritalia

This Boomerang Chair is interestin me, yup, the design of this wooden element chair ( leg an seat, leg and backret ) are similar in form to the traditional aborigin weapon ( Boomerang ), Maybe this boomerang design style ( for its legs ) is just for functional only, to make it easy to stack ( stackable ).

The back rest of this seat covered with fabric or leather.
The width of the chair may easily be adjusted and the modular construction simplifies its manufacture, transport and, if necessary, replacement.

Found it at : Meritalia

Chai Microsuede Sofa Bed at Overstock

This is the Chai Microsuede Sofa Bed that can be found at Overstock. The sofa Bed for your living room, bedroom, or dorm room. This comfortable sofa bed can be folded as a couch, bed, or other combinations and the microsuede upholstery is easy to clean. Retailing for $399.95 .

Several benefit of this product are :

* Have a Modern Style and versatile design complements any living room, bedroom, or dorm room
* Constructed of a tubular steel frame with chromed legs
* Easy-to-clean microsuede upholstery in chai
* Comfortable foam fill
* Can be folded as a couch, bed, or other combinations
* 16 possible configurations
* Uses four-position click mechanisms to fold up and down

Comfortable Nubola Sofa

This comfortable Nubola sofa si designed by Gaetano Pesce. you can visit this nice cloud design sofa ( coz it seems like you sit on a cloud, what a great experience. ) , this soft and comfortable sofa can be found at Meritalia.

Funky Julian Chair for your Child

The Julian Chair maybe can be an option for choosing the funky chair for your child. Have a shape just like an animal that can be ride on. Was designed by Javier Mariscal for Magis, this chair is made of durable polyethylene and available in green, white, red and yellow.

Gamers Chair Mania

Upwell gives you nice Down Low Chair Design that suit with your experience in having a comfortable chair for your living room area, TV dining and for playing your fave games in your X-box or playstation, and Nintendo Wii.

The Down Low chair is a flexible livingroom seating for comfortable seating in very Down Low point , Maybe its inspired by japanese culture that have to sit in a down low to get comfort. But his is an excellent stuff for accompany your day gaming. nice to try...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hood Chair Design

This chair is called a Hood Chair, was designed by Broberg Ridderstrale, This chair originates from a workshop with the Campana brothers in 2003. The theme was “containment” and “constructing from deconstruction”. Furniture often take new shapes when they are being used. The Hood Chair borrows properties recognized in clothing/fashion to give the chair a look and function that communicates through other channels.

Chair design by Claude Mutschler

This is a flexible chair design, designed by Claude Mutschler,This chair gives a new idea of sitting: straight and upright when dining relaxed and soft while having a conversation with friends. The simple and useful technology adapts to all sitting positions and offers the comfort of a cantilever chair. Two separate metal clips follow the movements of the sitter forward while dining or writing, backward when relaxing, so comfort to use and very flexible and adjustable. nice design thought.

Pegasus Wheel Chair design By Porche Design Studio

This nice Wheelchair design si brought to you by Porsche Design Studio. They made this esufull wheelchair that named as Pegasus for an alternative solution to the current manually operated wheelchairs for paraplegic people.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New interesting chair design "Hunting Lines"

New interesting chair design named Hunting Lines was designed by Daniel Becker. This chair is not so comfortable if we look closely by visual, but it has a nice design and great color.
foun it via : Designspotter

Garden Chair Design by Patricia Urquiola

These chairs are designed by Patricia Urquiola and they are from the Canasta Collection that are displayed currently in the autumn edition of Maison & Objet. These designer seats come with a designer price tag - 2000 Euros.

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