Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Comfortable seating called Huit Sofa

The Huit Sofa is a brilliant, beautiful and stylish sofa design, a combination of a comfortable seating and a infinity symbol. This Huit Sofa furniture concept was designed by Emanuel Laffon de Mazieres, a young french designer. As you can see the Huit sofa is a really unusual sofa designed in 8 or infinite sign shape. The continuous curve flows in a figure 8 so depending on your position, your point of view is never the same.

The design of this sofa is simple and modern. The curve also flows at different heights creating a cascading effect and a wall that provides one end privacy from the other. I don’t see a sofa like this in every home, but I think this sofa would be great for a party.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tsubomi Chair by Leif Designpark

The Tsubomi Chair is a lounge chair sits low on the ground, close to the earth, spreading like the very moss it represents. Designed and manufactured by Leif.designpark, the Tsubomi “was born from an image of a bright future,” which may serve to explain its interesting chartreuse color. This color mimics nature, perhaps a strange moss. Its elemental hue is no mistake: Leif compares the Tsubomi to a flower growing in KuKunochi’s Forest, the Shinto god of trees. Root-like and branch-like, the lounge chair’s backrest extends towards the sky in organic growths—making the user of the Tsubomi a metaphorical bud.

Via : [3 ring]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Multi-colored furniture Q Couch by Frederik Van Heereveld

Q-Couch is a sleek, modular, and multi-colored furniture that was designed by Belgium’s Frederik van Heereveld may catch your eye. This cool furniture "Q-COUCH" is made from the lightweight material ARPRO EPP and is designed by the Dutch Designer Frederik Van Heereveld (FEEK), designer and manufacturer of “functional, comfortable, and contemporary furniture” (emphasis Van Heereveld’s).

It’s a quirky name for a quirky company, grounded, as they are, in a philosophy of “functionality, futurism, and flexibility.” This last attribute may explain Van Heereveld’s consuming interest in EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), which he calls the “perfect material” for his aesthetic: “still only used in lightweight car parts and packaging, it is the ideal crossover with design furniture!”

Like some of the other extruded “–ene” products explored herein (see BASF and the Penta Lamp), EPP is an engineered plastic foam that is durable, resilient, and pleasing to the touch. Though similar in weight and texture to its cousin, Expanded Polystyrene—the ubiquitous white packaging foam—EPP is considerably stronger (no wonder they use it for energy absorption and impact protection in automobiles). Further, it’s temperature, light, and water resistant; easily recyclable; and non-toxic. Finally—and this is just a bonus at no extra cost to you—it repels petrol and other common household chemicals. Wow! No wonder it’s suitable indoors or out, in the living room or the shop, on land or on sea (just waiting for Van Heereveld to make a boat from the stuff).

Coming soon (says Van Heereveld): “extra features” to include bends and arm rests, for yet more creative permutations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coco Seat Pad

Coco Seat Pad

The struggle to soothe your irritable baby is now over! With the Coco Seat Pad, the ultimate relaxation tool, life has just become a bit easier. This chair’s unique padding features cater to the sensitivity of a baby’s body, allowing for a more safe and comfortable lounging experience.

A comfy addition to your Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger, these specially contoured seat pads are designed to fit perfectly. Made from micro-leather, they're easy to clean and soft to the touch. Choose from one of three colors for a coordinated look.

Spesification :
- 5-point padded safety harness, adjustable for growing baby
- micro-suede™/leatherette seat pad available in vibrant colours – easy clean and maximum comfort.

The Compod Lounger designed by Philipp Haselwander

The Compod Lounger
designed by Philipp Haselwander a range of furniture which forms a marked contrast to the traditional preconceptions about office work and provides a glimpse of how the future could be.

A combined sense of well-being, individuality and efficiency at work is generally considered a contradiction in terms. With compod however, Wiesner-Hager has proven otherwise: compod is a range of furniture which forms a marked contrast to the traditional preconceptions about office work and provides a glimpse of how the future could be. compod supports flexible computer work as well as creative communication, or simply invites you to lean back, relax or chat.

Available in three basic forms, a long chaise lounge, an upright chair and an interconnected double lounge, the Compod is more of a seating system than a group of individual chairs. Each design has an indentation which makes room for a laptop or tablet PC stand. More informations you can visit Wiesner-Hager’s.

Design: Philipp Haselwander
Get the chair here at : Wiesner-Hager

Transformer Chair

"Black Whole conference’ by michel de broin, 2006 (72 chairs) collection musée d’art contemporain de montréal"
(photo by peter rosemann)

Conolounge Recycled Paper Tubes Chair

Conolounge Recycled Paper Tubes Chair is a steel support provides structure and adds a fetching bright desingned by Chilean designers Onceneto tapped La Tercera newspaper for leftover paper printer rolls. It’s a clever example of creative reuse that reminds us of a less conceptual and more practical version of Julian Lwin’s Biotube Bench.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Smile Chair by Marcello Ziliani

God put a smile upon your chair..:), yeah this uniquely designed armchair "Smile Chair" is an expanded polyurethane foam upholstered metal structure that was created by designer Marcello Ziliani. BBB has been around for over 50 years creating original trendsetting furniture designs for home and office. The Smile chair fits perfectly into their products for its originality and stylish contemporary design.

This fun chair comes in a variety of cool colors that seem to match the attitude of the Smile. With dimensions of 80hx90dx90w cm, its an ideal chair for any contemporary home space. Get yours from BBB and watch your guests marvel at the sleek and comfortable design of the Smile chair.

Contemporary Ercolina Chaise

This masterpiece Ercolina chaise is a a perfect piece for the executive who is faced with deadlines and strict work schedules that was designed by Paolo Grasselli. when laid down it is a beautiful interesting furniture piece but flip it up and the art structure is made, in other words “double duty” furniture. The Ercolina Chaise is one unique product we sure haven’t seen before.

The uniquely shaped chaise is steel framed with pivot weight. With polyurethane upholestry, the Ercolina Chaise has a removable eco-leather cover that’s available in cream, red, lime green, black, and orange. This would make a striking addition to an office space or a very modern home. See the designer complete profile and project here.