Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free 3d Chair Model of Breuer Wassily Chair

Get this 3d Chair Marcel Breuer model for free. Yeah this is a Marcel Breuer chair design that was an apprentice at the Bauhaus in 1925 when he conceived the first tubular steel chair, the Wassily chair, based on the tubed frame of a bicycle. This 3d chair model is available in 3ds and .max format.

Get the link here to download : Free 3d Chair Marcel Breuer

3d Model of EA115 Eames Chair

Are you loooking for a simple and easy way in rendering you architectural project in interior design...? This free 3d Model of EA115 Eames Chair can be your nice solution. The chairs in the Aluminium Group are the most famous creations by Charles and Ray Eames. Designed in 1958 they rate amongst the great achievements in the design history of the 20th century. Really nice model for 3d studio max and autocad

You can directly download the files here : EA115 Eames Chair
Have a nice time in rendering you architectural project.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bulldang by Hirohiko Kamiya

Bulldang or Buldang is the nine-metre or 30 foot stuffed tube was designed to look like the bangers on your dinner plate, links and all! Hirohiko Kamiya is the designer who created this destructured modular armchair sofa which allows the user to coil the tube into a variety of seating arrangements. The tube configuration allows maximum flexibility when trying to get the most comfortable padded support to sink into after a hard day’s work.

Using several tubes will provide an infinite number of spatial layouts. These tube chairs are made from “Climate Control” cloth from the Dupont Neotis Studio and were part of a collaboration with Dupont de Nemours. The knitted construction provides breathability and the fabric is elastic and durable as well. What is the price for customizable comfort? $2380 each

Sponges Chair by Marcella Foschi

A simple idea of this Sponges Chair cames from the designer Marcella Foschi who participated in the workshop of the Campana brothers in Milan sponsored by 3M. The final design is not such a big deal, but it looks so comfort anyway, A simple idea that everbody should try to to get their own idea in designing a cool and comfortable chair. well done.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eero Aarnio Pony Chair

Designer : Eero Aarnio, 1973.
Material :Metal, molded foam, upholstery.
Made in : Finland
Manufacturer : Adelta.
Dimension : 44" w | 25" h | seat height: 21"

Children are attracted by the bright colors and the uncoventional forms of Eero Aarnio's designs.... and especially the Pony looks like an overdimensional toy. But it is not a toy Eero Aarnio intended to create with the Pony. The dimensions are conformed to adult size.

The Pony shows the play of fantasy which is so characteristic for Eero Aarnio, and in this comfortable seat it might carry you to unknown fields of your own imagination. To quote Eero Aarnio: "A chair is a chair, is a chair... but a seat does not necessarily have to be a chair, it could even be a small and soft Pony on which you can 'ride' or sit sideways."

Gnome Napoleon Chair

Designer : Philippe Starck, 2000.
Material : thermoplastic technopolymer.
Made in : Italy by Kartell.

Three very special characters that are striking on account of their originality and non-conformism. These stools and tables were conceived to furnish any environment without preclusions. Agreeable and humorous, but also with an eye to practicality: the hats of the gnomes, in fact, are flat and circular specially to be used as a worktop or as a stool.

As one of the best-known contemporary designers in the world, Philippe Starck has placed honesty and integrity at the core of his designs producing quality products with longevity & durability.

Sonic Chair - Audio Chair

Check this k-rad piece of audible madness -- the Sonic Chair. Although it looks like that egg-chair thing Will Smith sat an exam in during the first Men In Black movie, it's actually a futuristic listening pod with multiple speakers embedded into the chair's body.

This is supposed to provide a sonic listening environment unrivalled by even the best headphones normal companies can throw at us. It reminds us of the Oculas sensory-deprivation pod from a few years back, but not quite as dork-hot.

Any audio source can plug into the chair and engineers can be asked to install a touchscreen control interface too. How that works is anyone's guess, but it's a relentlessly trippy idea.

Don't expect your next paycheck to cover the cost though; the Sonic Chair costs £4,000. For that kind of money we expect at least a vibrating function thrown in.