Sunday, January 18, 2009

HAG Sideways Chair

Sideways Chair is the new chair made for Hâg by the Norwegian design bureau Formel. A new trend in meeting rooms now days is to make meetings less formal and more open and inclusive, and therefore the chair also had to be like that. The integrated armrest, swings behind the back and provides generous support when sitting sideways, and you can also find a comfortable resting position, leaning far back, supported by both elbows.

The sideways chair has been designed for seating comfort and to provide maximum freedom of movement. The innovation lies in the smart seat shape and arm rest. The arm rest curls around the back of the chair and is designed as a back support as well as an arm rest.

Not only innovative, the sideways chair is also aesthetically pleasing and as the seat swings back to its original position when you get up, it provides an uncluttered and always presentable appearance.