Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3pts Basketball Chair by Tal Shwartz

3pts Basketball Chair by Tal Shwartz

Great chair design from Tal Shwartz - from israel" This chair is called 3pts." is a simple-fun chair, made of 2 wood parts [lazer-cut birch] and 3 basketballs. this chair can be used both indoor and outdoor, perfect for any kind of house party, and you can always take one of the balls for a quick game..."

3pts Basketball Chair by Tal Shwartz Image

Tomato Chair by Eero Aarnio

Tomato Chair by Eero Aarnio

At first sight, the Tomato chair looks complicated, but the second look shows an intelligent combination of 3 circles with same diameter, two of them being armrests, one stretched to a comfortable back, and even a fourth half circle up side down giving the chair a consequent seat. The tomato is much more than a chair, it is a piece of sculpture.

Tomato Chair by Eero Aarnio

To quote Eero Aarnio: "A product idea can come about in many different ways and here is one of them. I realized that Pastil Chair floats and carries the person who sits in it in water but it is very rickety. If there were three items like two great armrests and the back of the chair would be stable, and this is how the idea of the Tomato chair was born. The name reflects its looks: looking at the chair from the front there are two round shapes i.e. two circles like in the word tOmatO."

Tomato Chair

Detail :
Design Eero Aarnio, 1971.
Fiberglass. Made in Finland by Adelta.
55" w | 44.5" d | 27.5" h

Tomato Chair by Eero Aarnio

F 41 Lounge by Marcel Breuer

F 41 Lounge by Marcel BreuerDesigned by Marcel Breuer, 1928-30 with chrome frame, natural cane + wheels. Made in Germany by Tecta. You will want to have this lounge on hand for those lazy Sunday mornings... wheel to get the paper, wheel to the breakfast table and then take a snooze in the hallway if you must... family members will be able to simply scoot you aside for passage or even wheel you onto the patio for a little surprise upon awakening. Tecta is the only authorized and licensed manufacturer of the F41, the weaving and Caning is pure handwork - an ancient craft of humankind. Tecta is well known for producing fully authorized and licensed designs of the Bauhaus and Marcel Breuer.

Detail :
Designed by Marcel Breuer.
Material : chrome frame, natural cane + wheels.
Made in Germany by Tecta
73.25" l x 24" d x 25.75" h.
Seat height 11.8".

A chaise lounge cushion from Spacushion

a chaise lounge cushion

This is a nice chaise lounge cushion for lying in the sun on your stomach. The design has 1 opening for your head which allows for breathing and ergonomic neck placement and 2 openings for your knees to allow relief from pressing into the chaise. The cushion also has a flip over pillow for when you want to lie on your back. There are other versions of the same design made with different materials that are used for sleeping and massage as well. You can have this nice chaise lounge cushion at spacushion

Monday, June 30, 2008

Dharma Lounge by Palette Industry

The Dharma Lounge is designed by Palette Industry, and is an interesting approach for a chair. The use of laser cutters in furniture design is starting to make these typographic efforts relatively easy to produce. The Lounge chair is cut to display the following saying: Stand, Forget, Breathe, Acknowledge & Observe. Want to purchase and put your own inspirational words in that dharma lounge design..??

Reo Lounge Chair

Designed by award-winning Swiss designer Michael Steffenhagen for Selamat Designs, the reo line incorporates traditional materials into a fresh contemporary look. Made from rattan pole covered in rattan peel weave, this substantial chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. The detail and quality is immediately apparent when one sits in the chair (it takes a weaver one-week to make one chair).

The line is available in a robust espresso finish or a natural/unstained rattan. It currently includes the lounge chair and ottoman with a two-person loveseat and accent tables available summer of 2008. Fabric options and COM are available for the cushions.

Comfortable Lamb Chairs

Strange Chair 2

What are you gonna say about this chair design ?? Is it cool, creepy, unique or something..., anyway this furniture is definitely one of the creepier pieces of furniture I’ve ever saw. By looking at this chair I don’t know what to do, to laugh, or to be terrified. ACtually the design look co comfy, but the additional design ( the lamb head ) is pretty scarry for me or for a children. anyway this is a great piece of art from designer.