Thursday, November 20, 2008

Double Up Bench by The Design Laboratory

This fresh and fun seating is called "Double Up Bench", designed by The Design Laboratory, Amazing shape and adaptability of the sofa/bench in self-skinning polyurethane, element initially closed, that opens in a zoomorphic way in order to show the own structural wealth. Like a flower, Double Up, opens up in order to give infinite aesthetic solutions, and can be adjusted according to your own needs. This Double Up Bench using satin metal as its material structure and self-skinning polyurethane for its Seat.

Transparent and coloured crystalline plastic material:
This transparent plastic complements of furniture are ideal for indoor use and can be also placed outdoor under a shelter or patio. The use is not recommended outdoor for long period, as the material is photosensitive.

Selfskinning Poliurethane:
Poliurethane is resistant and shockproof, and also suitable for outdoor purposes.
It has a certification class One 1 EMME (fire resistent).

Download the product leafleat: here
Via: sturmund plactic

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