Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pandanus Lounge Chair by Jessica Konawicz

Pandanus Chair

Jessica Konawicz’s Pandanus Chair is made from a cellulose-based plastic that is biodegradable and can be produced through a low energy manufacturing process. Her inspiration came from the spiraling leaves and colorful fruit of Padanus tree, which lends her design an easily stackable structure and a funky array of colors.

Jessica Konawicz
I aimed to design a lounge chair that is unique and beautiful, made of a single material that is renewable and biodegradable, is easily and efficiently manufactured, addresses the way people relax, and utilizes stacking for transportation.

Pandanus’s name and form were inspired by the leaves and fruit of the Pandanus Tree. The spirals created by the leaves reminded me of chairs stacked on top of one another. The fruit looks like little pods, which are curvaceous and colorful. By tracing over the fruit I found the most intriguing shapes.

The challenge was to turn one shape into a form, which would be relaxing for a person to sit on. This lounge chair is not intended to fall asleep in rather for actively relaxing, meaning the user would be engaged in some activity like reading, listening to music, or having coffee with friends

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