Friday, August 29, 2008

Bean2Bed UK

Bean2Bed Junior

Welcome to the furniture revolution that will transform your life. Our funky furniture is totally unique. It's a chair, recliner AND a Junior bed. And the best part is - it doesn't actually contain any beans, providing cloud-like comfort that moulds to the contours of your body... day or night. The inspiration came from a lack of a simple, versatile sleeping solution for guests. The idea was to provide a space-saving, comfortable beanbag that transformed into a bed in seconds.

Bean2Bed has hit the furniture World by storm and have been featured on Channel 4 and numerous publications. These dual-purpose products have many uses, including: Nurseries, Playrooms, TV/Games rooms, Student Accommodation, City Centre Apartments, Holiday Homes, Care Homes, Doctors Surgeries, Cinema Rooms and Luxury Yachts. Compare our prices with saggy beanbags, bulky futons or fly-by-night air beds.

Bean2Bed Junior

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