Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Osorom Bench

Osorom Bench, the circular seating system by Konstantin Grcic is a skillful combination of emptiness and lightness. An environmental sculpture which boasts airiness wherever it is placed. Osorom’s frame, a combination of fiberglass and resin, conveys an idea of visual transparency.

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. After training as a cabinet maker at Parnham College in England he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London from 1988-1990. Konstantin Grcic creates industrial products widely described as pared down, simple, minimalist.

What sets Konstantin Grcic apart from the minimalism in fashionable currency today is that he defines function in human terms, combining maximum formal strictness with considerable mental acuity and humor.

Osorom Detail Product
Designer : Konstantin Grcic, 2003.
Material : Techno polymer composite.
Made in : Italy by Moroso.
Dimension : 47.25" dia. | 13.75" h

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That’s a very beautiful and inspiring piece! Konstantin Grcic is such a creative designer! He always amazes me!
I’ve been doing some research for my project class, and today I found some very good design!
Do you know Boca do Lobo? They’re pieces really impressed me! Take a look at their website
Can you give me some advice on some new designers or companies for me to follow?