Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Toeloop Chair by Mario Stadelmann

Toeloop Chair

This modern wavy molded / bent polymer joined Toeloop Chair is created by a young Swiss designer Mario Stadelmann, the chair is made from two pieces of bent polymer joined at both ends to create a seamless loop. from the image that shown, this chair is available in two black and white colors. This modern chair design might best suite with your moden minimalist room area.

Toeloop Chair2

The chairs plastic top - which acts as a seat, arm rest and back, all in one - carries a flowing curvilinear form, giving it an element of Art Nouveau. The chair’s legs - which come in three breeds - can be categorized more towards the Art Deco movement, as they display a very homogenous and simplistic use of steel and metal.

Toeloop Chair3

Toeloop Chair4

Designer: Mario Stadelmann

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