Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remains Benches by Elyse Marks

The Remains Benches , designed by Elyse Marks, are covered in skeletal animals and bare trees comes in antithetical variates. The benches feature an Avant-garde motif of animals and trees. Unlike the elegant and graceful pattern’s we’re used to seeing in designer furniture, the Remains collection boasts a rather disturbing pattern of dead, skeletal animals, hanging off of even dead-er trees…

When one thinks of furniture design, he or she most likely thinks of something beautiful. This beauty has been taken to the extreme, furniture had been taken over by cute little birds and floral patterns. But does the imagery on the table have to be necessarily beautiful? What if the finely crafted piece of furniture told a more disturbing, thought provoking story?

What covers this table? Dead, skeletal animals on a dead tree with a noose thrown in for good measure. Is it a rejection of the trends in decoration? A statement about the environment? The user may imagine the story on the table to be anything he wants.

Designer: Elyse Marks

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