Friday, May 29, 2009

Sander Mulder VK001 Chair

Sander Mulder VK001 Chair

The chair 'VK001' is an industrially produced chair with handmade qualities designed by a young dutch designer with a portfolio full of designs that cover lighting, accessories and furniture Sander mulder. In the production process and at purchase this chair is equal to everybody. While you are using the VK001 chair the seat transforms into the perfect fit for your body, one of those handmade qualities everyone appreciates, with the convenience and cost effectiveness of industrial production.

This VK001 Chair design attempts to personalize an industrial produced product. In today's mass consumption, traditional and proven qualities are often sacrificed for the ability to produce at the largest numbers and lowest prices possible.

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Unknown said...

Does this chair bend as well, or is it just bent by design?