Monday, November 24, 2008

Daybed Furniture by Manuelsaez

Daybed is a furniture that you must have if you are a hard worker and need something that makes you feel comfortable working in the office. Designed by Manuelsaez for their client Humanscale. Daybed is a home workstation, a modern lounge chair and ottoman with an ergonomically designed laptop computer support. Designed with total comfort in mind for light home office use, the daybed helps to prevent the discomfort and possible injury associated with long-term use of laptop computers in unhealthy postures, such as at a coffee table or while lounging on a sofa.

Manuelsaez attempted to prevent unhealthy postures born of coffee table and couch computing. Although Intended for light home office use, anyone with one of these in their den is definitely putting in extra hours on the ol’ intertubes.

Designer: Manuelsaez

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Anonymous said...

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