Thursday, September 11, 2008

Multi-colored furniture Q Couch by Frederik Van Heereveld

Q-Couch is a sleek, modular, and multi-colored furniture that was designed by Belgium’s Frederik van Heereveld may catch your eye. This cool furniture "Q-COUCH" is made from the lightweight material ARPRO EPP and is designed by the Dutch Designer Frederik Van Heereveld (FEEK), designer and manufacturer of “functional, comfortable, and contemporary furniture” (emphasis Van Heereveld’s).

It’s a quirky name for a quirky company, grounded, as they are, in a philosophy of “functionality, futurism, and flexibility.” This last attribute may explain Van Heereveld’s consuming interest in EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), which he calls the “perfect material” for his aesthetic: “still only used in lightweight car parts and packaging, it is the ideal crossover with design furniture!”

Like some of the other extruded “–ene” products explored herein (see BASF and the Penta Lamp), EPP is an engineered plastic foam that is durable, resilient, and pleasing to the touch. Though similar in weight and texture to its cousin, Expanded Polystyrene—the ubiquitous white packaging foam—EPP is considerably stronger (no wonder they use it for energy absorption and impact protection in automobiles). Further, it’s temperature, light, and water resistant; easily recyclable; and non-toxic. Finally—and this is just a bonus at no extra cost to you—it repels petrol and other common household chemicals. Wow! No wonder it’s suitable indoors or out, in the living room or the shop, on land or on sea (just waiting for Van Heereveld to make a boat from the stuff).

Coming soon (says Van Heereveld): “extra features” to include bends and arm rests, for yet more creative permutations.

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