Saturday, August 30, 2008

Audio System X Rocker Chair

Audio X Rocker

* Designed especially for listening to music, this floor-design rocker links to your IPod, MP3 player or CD player
* Great with your TV, DVD, VCR, or CD player; or use with X-Box 360, Play Station 2, TSP, Game Cube, Game Boy and other games
* Unique built-in system uses open space inside the chair to amplify sound and increase sound quality
* Adjustable powered sub-woofer in seat; 2-4" speakers built into headrest; vinyl upholstery covers hardwood frame
* Seat is 19Lx22W; assembly required

This chair is perfect for watching movies or playing videogames (I use it for both very often). I love the built in speakers and they are compatible with EVERYthing you would need... The DVD player, the videogame system, the actual TV itself, and you can even hook up your mp3 player to it.

The chair rocks but not enough to be annoying, just enough to give you something to do while sitting. The armrests are simple, but comfortable. There is a bass and volume control down on the bottom right of the chair.

You honestly feel like you're at the movies when you sitting in this thing in the dark with the speakers on. If you are looking for an alternative to a generic couch or chair for when you spend time infront of the TV, the audio X rocker is definitley a great buy.

Audio X Rocker

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