Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bulldang by Hirohiko Kamiya

Bulldang or Buldang is the nine-metre or 30 foot stuffed tube was designed to look like the bangers on your dinner plate, links and all! Hirohiko Kamiya is the designer who created this destructured modular armchair sofa which allows the user to coil the tube into a variety of seating arrangements. The tube configuration allows maximum flexibility when trying to get the most comfortable padded support to sink into after a hard day’s work.

Using several tubes will provide an infinite number of spatial layouts. These tube chairs are made from “Climate Control” cloth from the Dupont Neotis Studio and were part of a collaboration with Dupont de Nemours. The knitted construction provides breathability and the fabric is elastic and durable as well. What is the price for customizable comfort? $2380 each

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Anonymous said...

I've seen this around before and I LOVE it. It just looks so comfortable, and I love how it can be manipulated into all kinds of shapes.